A Macro Image Series Celebrating Cannabis in Canada
Urban Aspects Photography wanted to celebrate 2018 as a monumental year for cannabis in Canada with a salute to strains found across the country with Canadian ties.

A lot of research went into choosing these particular strains yet due to the historically illicit nature of the plant, much of the information gathered is impossible to confirm. Because of this, the information collected can be considered largely anecdotal.

That's how legends are made...

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aka: Chemo, BC Chemo
Lineage: unknown

To kick off our daily image series of strains with Canadian ties, we wanted to start off with a true legend of the Great White North, UBC Chemo.

UBC refers to the University of British Columbia, the place where this rare, clone-only Indica powerhouse is said to have been developed sometime between the 1960s and 70s. With the assistance of famed Canadian scientist, professor and naturalist, Dr. David Suzuki, UBC Chemo was bred as a means to manage the side effects of chemotherapy. It’s potent sedative qualities and ability to ease pain and nausea, as well as stimulate appetite makes it an ideal strain to manage many varied afflictions.

It has since been crossed by Federation Seeds and BC Bud Depot to produce a seed variety, making this once incredibly rare strain now available to the masses.
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Lineage: unknown

While British Columbia is synonymous with cannabis in Canada, this small-town gem from Ontario shows that exemplary Canadian strains are founded and flourish all across the country.

Named after its hometown of Lindsay, in south-eastern Ontario, Lindsay OG is a Karma Cup award-winning strain that shares many traits with it’s OG Kush parentage. It’s known for it’s sedative qualities and an alluring, earthy, floral aroma with a delicate hint of pine. It has resettled in the west coast where it’s genetics have been refined to produce one of the finest OG incarnations on the planet.

Liberty Farms out of Squamish, BC, breeds this exceptional taste of Canadiana. It could be difficult to find outside her borders, but it is well worth the effort to hunt her down.
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aka: Purple Urple, The Urkle
Lineage: Mendocino Purps / Granddaddy Purple phenotype

Often considered a classical Indica strain, Purple Urkle is known to have originated in the Humboldt County region of California and started to find it’s way north in the late 1980s.

While the genetics of this clone-only strain is somewhat of a mystery, it is widely believed to be a phenotype of Mendocino Purps or Granddaddy Purple. Both of these strains are renown for their luscious grape and berry essence and vibrant violet foliage and have spawned such modern classics as Grape Ape and a Canadian offering, The Purps.

BC Bud Depot has developed the stable seed variety of Mendo Purps, and have consistently placed in Cannabis Cups for the last decade by bringing a bright berry blast in the form of beautiful plum-coloured buds.

With the inherent scarcity that can come with clone-only varieties such as Purple Urkle, The Purps successfully delivers the taste and characteristic colouring of it’s purple parentage to multitudes of eager Canadian connoisseurs.
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Lineage: Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze

The Green House Seed Company of Amsterdam rocked the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2008 and 2009 with this bold Sativa-heavy hybrid that has developed a Canadian connection in recent years.

It should be of no surprise that Super Lemon Haze’s zesty citrus elements come from the union of it’s palatable parents, a smooth sweetness from Super Silver Haze and a tart lemon burst from Lemon Skunk, making it one of the most recognizable and sought after lemon strains.

As the breeder of Lemon Skunk, DNA Genetics (also based out of Amsterdam) was instrumental to developing this wonderkind of cannabis. Since setting roots in the industry in 2004, DNA is now one of the most recognizable cannabis breeders in the world.

When Tweed Inc. (Canada’s leading licensed producer of medical marijuana) locked in a first-of-it’s-kind partnership with DNA in 2015, it wasn’t long before their headliner, Lemon Skunk, solidly secured it’s place in Canadian cannabis culture.
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aka: Tuna OG
Lineage: Hindu Kush (?)

Many mysteries surround this pesco-themed strain but there are two characteristics that are commonly agreed upon: the strain surfaced along the west coast of British Columbia, and it absolutely stinks!

There seems to be little doubt how this strain got it’s name. Even a tiny, inconspicuous bud can release a pungent odour that is easily detectable from across the room. The taste, however, is far more mild than the bouquet would suggest and the potent Indica qualities often lead to the suggestion that it shares it’s genetics with the iconic pure Indica, Hindu Kush.

The breeder of this skunky masterpiece is unknown but it is cherished so much that it’s existence had been carefully guarded for decades. Only in the last few years has it emerged into a mainstream Canadian market, where it has been very well received, especially those seeking it’s various medicinal properties.

Tuna Kush has long been coveted for it’s potency but remember it’s namesake before you spark up this fishy beast, as it’s not likely to go unnoticed.
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Lineage: unknown

OG Kush is a California classic that gained in popularity in the mid 1990s and has since spawned a dynasty of much beloved incarnations. However, little is known about the origins of this prodigious strain.

The volumes of crosses it has parented over the years is largely a result of OG Kush being a remarkably well-balanced hybrid with a distinctive lemon, earthy and woody aroma that seems to go well with just about everything. It has the calming effects of potent Indicas such as Hindu Kush, but generally doesn’t leave one feeling ready to crawl into bed. It’s Sativa side brings a clearheaded high and a flow of energy to help stay active and promote creativity.

But where along the line did OG Kush pick up a Canadian connection? Besides the fact that Canadians are as enamoured as anyone to have a taste of this wildly popular strain, the Canadian tie (in this case) lies in the ‘OG’ moniker.

‘OG’ has long been considered by many to stand for ‘Original Gangster’ as a salute to it’s rapid domination over the west coast cannabis community. But there is also a theory that ‘OG’ could be a nod to a Canadian cannabis web site ( that was shut down by the government in 2006. ‘Ocean Grown’ has been a widely accepted translation as well but the true origins of this strain may be forever lost to time and shrouded in legend.
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Afghan Bull Rider
Lineage: Afghani (?)

Afghani Bullrider is a 100% pure Indica strain with potent characteristics that suggests it is an offspring of Afghani; a quintessential Landrace strain treasured for it’s heavy sedative and analgesic qualities.

The story behind the name is commonly refuted. It’s often believed that this strain was bred by a professional bullrider, first emerging in San Diego, California, before propagating along the West Coast. It hits hard and fast, providing users with an uncharacteristic clear-headed high for an Indica while quickly settling into full-body relaxation. These qualities are said to recreate the 'floating' sensation of riding a bull.

The Canadian tie to this strain is centered around the ‘bullrider’ moniker and an annual summer event held out of the prairie province of Alberta. Widely considered ‘The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’, The Calgary Stampede is a cherished slice of Canadiana celebrating western culture dating back over a century. The spectacle drew over a million visitors during it’s 10 day run in 2017, many of which came to see to world-renown exhibitions, festivities and rodeo competitions. And no rodeo would be complete without jumping on the back of a testosterone-fueled juggernaut and hanging on for dear life!
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Lineage: Trainwreck x Hawaiian

Pineapple Express is a hybrid cross parented by two strains known for their lush tropical scent and potency, Trainwreck and Hawaiian. Although it had been enjoyed in the Netherlands for years prior, in 2008, a film of the same name brought this little-known terp-laden powerhouse into the forefront of popular culture.

The movie stars real-life BFFs, James Franco and Seth Rogan. These are two very funny guys who have become synonymous with the ‘stoner-romp’ genre and Rogan is considered by some Canadians as one of our most successful comedic exports. While fans of Canadian comedy legends such as Bill Murray, Steve Martin and numerous Second City alumni may contend this, there is little denying Rogan’s influence on pop culture since performing stand-up as a teenager.

Seth Rogan was born in 1982, in Vancouver, British Columbia (commonly considered the hub of cannabis culture in Canada), and made his Hollywood debut with the television show, ‘Freaks and Geeks’. Regrettably, the show only lasted one season but having been helmed by writer/producer/comedic genius Judd Apatow (who would later produce Pineapple Express) and providing break-out roles for talent such as Jason Segel, Busy Philips and Martin Starr, it’s a show that is perhaps more popular now than ever.

If you’ve wondered where Rogan and Franco’s decades-long bromance began, tune into ‘Freaks’ for a first hand look at the birth of a chronic comedic duo.
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(The) Kish
Lineage: DJ Short Blueberry x Afghani (?)

Although the origins of this Indica dominant strain are largely a mystery, Shishkaberry is considered a Canadian classic. DJ Short Blueberry had a heavy hand in delivering the sweet, berry flavour while it’s unknown Afghani mate lends exceptional sedative properties, making it an ideal evening strain.

Winner of the High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2001 for Best Indica, it quickly emerged thereafter as one of the most popular and palatable staple strains along the Pacific Coast of Canada. The unique earthy, berry-grape taste is dearly sought after by discerning canucks from coast to coast. An intimate look from this macro perspective shows why it’s more than just a tasty treat.

Rich tones of purple, red and blue foliage marble the buds but are often overlooked due to a thick blanket of trichomes. Testing upwards of 28% THC, Shishkaberry’s medicinal properties are exceptionally varied, and is much beloved by patients seeking pain and insomnia relief.

While this strain is generally not recommended for novice users due to it’s strong potential for couch-lock at low doses, if you happen to take the plunge, prepare for a listless night with Netflix.
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Lineage: BC Roadkill Skunk x Deep Chunk

With ‘BC’ part of this pungent strain’s name, the Canadian connection seems evident. So how about we break down some background on a West Coast favorite with perhaps the supremely unappetizing title.

Fortunately, BC Roadkill’s remarkable odour is not exactly akin to day-old ‘pavement pancakes’, though to say it is an acquired taste would be an understatement. It’s top-shelf THC content and Indica-leaning qualities is what keeps this bold-flavoured bud on many connoisseurs’ hit-list.

It’s simply beyond dank, so if you aren’t a fan of strong lingering earthy, diesel notes with a touch of citrus and pine, you may want to skip this one. But the people who love it (and there are a lot of them), love it a lot. If you take a chance this stinky strain, prepare for a wakeful, trance-like state (think ‘deer-in-the-headlights’).
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Lineage: unknown

Blue Coma is a Sativa-leaning newcomer purported to be one of the rarest strains in the world. At the time of this post, we could not find evidence of it being found anywhere outside of its Canadian domain, but everything about this violet-veined masterwork suggests it’s primed to burst beyond its borders.

Bred exclusively by the father-son team at Zero Ave. out of the fabled Frasier Valley, British Columbia, the lineage of Blue Coma is a national secret, spoken of in the same hush-hush whispers as a grandmother’s sacred butter tart recipe (still waiting on that particular terpene profile).

With so much mystery surrounding this strain we can only speculate about lineage, but our team of experienced cannabis professionals have come up with some theories. It certainly looks like Blueberry had a role in it’s genetics, though pungent notes of citrus rather than berry play on the nose (maybe some Lemon Skunk is in the mix?), while the effects (for us, at least) seem to run parallel to the coveted Crystal Coma strain.

Some connoisseurs hold incredibly rare strains like this in such high regard, we may be upsetting some folks who would like to keep this Canadian offering cloaked in obscurity. Almost as guarded as Avro Arrow schematics, we can only hope this poignant Canadian innovation won’t share the same fate.
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Lineage: OG Kush x Blackberry

Zombie OG is perhaps one of the most aptly titled strains in this image series thus far. Not exactly in a undead, cannibalistic way as much as it’s tendency to leave users incredibly sluggish with an uncontrollable urge to devour as much as possible.

Earlier in this series, we laid out a Canadian connection with one of Zombie OG’s forebears, the uber popular, OG Kush. So we dug deeper into True North ties and present the original homegrown Canadian ‘zombie’; infamous man-eating entity, the wendigo.

The wendigo goes by many names and incarnations among indigenous groups in Canada and the northern United States but seems most prevalent in the tradition of the Algonquin-speaking peoples of the Great Lakes region across to the Atlantic Coast. In nearly all depictions across the country, three traits are consistent; it’s malicious, supernatural and cannibalistic.

The ancient myths surrounding this murderous being are still very much alive in Canadian culture as both ancient and modern wendigo legends commonly associate it with insatiable greed and environmental destruction.
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aka: GSC
Lineage: OG Kush x Durban Poison

GSC (formerly and commonly known as Girl Scout Cookies) is a hybrid strain with a legendary lineage that leans ever so slightly towards its OG Kush parentage. Its delectable sweet and spicy flavour is believed to have given rise to the famous biscuit moniker. Our neighbours to the south may be disappointed to hear that we don’t have Girl Scout cookies in Canada. Fret not! We have Girl Guide cookies!

The Girl Guides of Canada instill the same honorable values as their southern Scouting counterparts. In the last 100 years, there has been 7 million girls and women involved in Guiding. To put that in perspective, the total population of Canada the year the Canadian Girl Guides Association was established was roughly 7.2 million.

Girl Guide cookies are a seasonal treat delivered by young pillars of the community and you can’t help but love the fact that you are supporting a life-changing program while simultaneously stuffing your face with sugary goodness.

So the next time you have the munchies, do your part to support the next generation of caring and confident women in Canada and polish off a box or two, with our compliments.
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Lineage: God Bud x Blueberry

While not terribly popular, Blue God’s exceptional Indica-dominant characteristics and sweet grape-berry taste make it a much celebrated strain among savvy connoisseurs along the West Coast of North America.

Bred by Jordan of the Islands out of British Columbia, this resin-caked flower is a union between the iconic American strain, Blueberry, and Canada’s own, God Bud. Both strains are well-established heavy hitters when it comes to sedation, so it’s no wonder these titans of torpid trance work together so well.

The buds have a classic Kush form with beautiful hues of vivid violet. Although there is little data confirming its THC content, it’s believed to hover around the 20% mark, making it an excellent option for medical patients seeking assistance for insomnia, pain and stress relief in an enticingly aromatic package.
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Lineage: Himalayan Kush x Utopia Haze

Red Dragon is an exotic Asian flower that teeters on the side of Sativa dominance. Both parents are rare landrace strains in their own right. One, a Western Himalayan Kush out of Afghanistan, while the female Sativa, Utopia Haze, hails from Brazil.

Dutch breeder, Barney’s Farm, developed this sweet, spicy strain with hints of guava. So where is the Canadian connection in this extraordinarily rare international melding of maryjane? For this, we start with a trip across The Pond to the country of Wales, in the United Kingdom.

The Welsh are a proud people with an ancient noble history dating back to the time of King Arthur. In fact, the Welsh flag, picturing a red dragon against a field of white, is believed to be the same image that adorned his battle standards. Even the wizard, Merlin, is said to have envisioned a great battle between red and white dragons.

The Canadian tie lies in a Welsh-Canadian explorer named, David Thompson, who is often considered ‘Canada’s Greatest Geographer’. Thompson worked for the North West Company during the 18th and 19th centuries and reportedly traveled 130,000 kilometers on foot, mapping over 4.9 million square kilometers along the way.
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aka: Starcloud
Lineage: American Haze x Master Widow

Sometimes referred to as ‘Starcloud’ due to it’s heavy dusting of twinkling trichomes, Nebula is an award-winning, balanced hybrid that ever so lightly touches on the Indica side. Bred by Paradise Seeds in 1996, Nebula has since established itself as a sweet, honey-flavoured mainstay for discerning connoisseurs.

The Canadian connection to this far-out strain lies in the annual ‘Academy Award’ of science fiction that shares the same name. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America’s, Nebula Award, is often considered the highest honor in sci-fi/fantasy literature and has been awarded to numerous Canadian recipients since its 1966 inauguration.

Many established Canadian sci-fi and fantasy authors have immigrated there from abroad (including cyberpunk pioneer, William Gibson and Dutch-born, Charles de Lint) but there is a homegrown hardcover hero born out of Ottawa, Ontario, who continues to shape the science fiction landscape.

Robert J. Sawyer, has penned dozens of novels and many more short fiction works, earning over 100 nominations and accolades since his Aurora Award nomination for ‘Golden Fleece’ in 1989. Sawyer won the Nebula Award for 1995’s, ‘The Terminal Experiment’ and his collective works were recently honored with the Robert A. Heinlein Award for inspiring space exploration. In 2017, he was appointed a Member of the Order of Ontario for being "one of the world's top science-fiction authors and a champion of the Canadian fiction industry".
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Lineage: Afghani x Thai

Northern Lights is a pure Indica that is widely considered one of the most prominent strains in cannabis history. Its consistent potency delivers sedative kush qualities in a small package making it an ideal mate in creating numerous legendary hybrids such as Super Silver Haze. In Canada, you can readily find this strain along the West Coast while it’s namesake dances overhead.

The aurora borealis (northern lights) are a natural light display primarily seen in the skies above the Earth’s northern pole. The phenomenon involves science-stuff like solar winds, charged particles and plasma, but with 40% of Canada’s landmass north of the Arctic Circle, for many Canadians its simply a living harbinger of winter that paints the night sky in rainbows of light.

From Whitehorse to Toronto, the aurora kindles the heavens across the country with a dazzling display during the darkest winter nights. It’s quite possible that sparking up Northern Lights while gazing up at the northern lights, could be one of the most beautiful and iconic Canadian experiences ever.
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aka: Green Cush, Cush
Lineage: Skunk #1

Originally named Green Cush, this particular branch of Skunk #1 is renown for it’s invigorating and energizing high. Although it is moderately Sativa dominant, the pronounced cerebral stimulation of this rousing pure cannabis powerhouse earned it the Green Crack moniker by none other than The Doggfather himself, Snoop Dogg.

Snoop and dank bud seem to go hand in hand in the sense that you rarely see one without the other. On the list of celebrities known for their passion for cannabis, you would very likely see this granddaddy of hip hop leading the ranks. It seems inevitable that the accomplished artist and entrepreneur would launch his own premium product line of exclusive strains, under the brand name, Leafs By Snoop.

Currently, the only place in Canada where you can purchase Leafs is by licensed medical marijuana distributor, Tweed, who also happens to sell Green Cush under the house name, Hunter. When Hunter and Leafs By Snoop become available to all Canadians come October, we believe coffee might have a worthy adversary as the nation’s morning pick-me-up.
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Lineage: Hawaiian x Purple Skunk

Jordan of the Islands out of British Columbia is the original producer of this Canadian heaven-sent hybrid, though God Bud has another contemporary form in prolific West Coast breeder, BC Bud Depot. Indisputably an Indica-dominant hybrid, the lean can vary slightly making the sedative qualities found in this strain a bit more pronounced than other hybrids of a similar nature.

God Bud (not to be confused with God’s Gift) has spawned a number of notable progeny such as Blue God and God’s Green Crack, contributing a Canadian connection to some of the world’s most popular strains. The stout plant structure can deliver relatively small indoor yields but God Bud’s tolerance of cooler climates can boast bountiful outdoor harvests.

Combining the tropical fruit flavours of its Hawaiian parentage with a potent, aromatic mix of berry and lavender from its Purple Kush pedigree makes this one of the most uniquely flavourful homegrown Canadian strains that truly touches on the divine.
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Lineage: North American Indica x White Rhino

Canadian breeder, Federation Seeds, brought this emerald beauty from the brink of evanescence back in 1996 when they crossed original Romulan clones with White Rhino genetics, creating a therapeutic, Indica-heavy strain with a slight hint of Rhino’s psychoactive qualities.

Romulan, is named after the green-skinned alien race of the same name. Featured on the 15th episode of the first season of the original Star Trek television series in 1966, the Romulans served as a direct contrast to the cold and logical, Vulcans. The title seems appropriate, as Romulan may indeed deliver a slew of languid, irrational thoughts with plenty of warm fuzzies.

The Star Trek universe was conceived by American screenwriter, Gene Roddenberry, in 1964, and the franchise has since spawned numerous films and television series. Out of Star Trek’s countless commanding officers of notoriety, one stands above all: the suave and cunning, Captain Kirk. The role made Canadian actor, William Shatner, an international cultural icon and helped earn him the title of Officer in the Order of Canada, in 2017.
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Lineage: California Orange x Skunk

Tangie is a delectable Sativa-dominant strain with a skunky, sweet, citrus taste and aroma that is reminiscent of a juicy tangerine. A nod to classic 90s strain, Tangerine Dream, this energizing hybrid was reworked from the ground up and produces consistently high potency buds blanketed with amber trichomes.

Bred by DNA Genetics out of Holland, it’s a bright and tangy addition to their savory, terpene-rich lineup, which includes such offerings as Chocolope, Sour Banana Sherbet and Skywalker Kush.

The Canadian connection with DNA Genetics has already been explored during this series (see Part 04 – Super Lemon Haze) but this is a strain of such a bold and enticing bouquet, we had to include it in our image series. Medical patients through Canadian cannabis producer, Tweed, have a unique opportunity to taste a strain cultivated from seed to bud by the good people at DNA themselves.
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Lineage: Blueberry x Haze

Blue Dream is a top contender on the list of all-time uber popular strains. Being a hybrid with a slight Sativa lean and a THC content consistently hovering around 20%, it could be considered an ideal strain for a busy afternoon. Its tremendous versatility is complimented by a bountiful accoutrements of aromas and flavours, with sweet vanilla notes on a pungent berry backdrop.

It should be of no surprise that Canadians have a deep seated affection for this strain as well. The love of this silver-leafed flower is so solidified in Canadian cannabis culture that licensed Alberta-based producer, Aurora, has created their own Blue Dream variety in Ambition.

With the strain leaning towards stimulation over couch-lock, Ambition seems like an appropriate moniker. Users are able to get kush-like stress and pain relief, without the mental lag that can come with it. Be sure to vape this bold, blue-tinted bud for an incredibly full-flavoured profile.
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Lineage: OG Kush x G-13

This strain is named for mind control experiments carried out by the CIA during the 1950s. Known by the code name, Project MKUltra, the program sought to identify and develop drugs to aid in interrogation techniques. Fortunately, the bud that carries this intimidating title is far more benevolent in nature.

The Canadian connection to this Indica dominant hybrid’s namesake is a bit distressing, to be sure. Canada had a heavy hand in the study, which often involved unwilling participants. A Montreal psychiatric hospital is one of the most notable sites of this illegal practice during the 1950s and 60s, where unwitting patients were subjected to electroshock, drug-induced sleep and very large doses of LSD.

Do not let the name’s sorded history take away from the pleasures of this fine flower. Not as mind bending as LSD, the touch of Sativa in the strain does provide some cerebral stimulation to counteract a potent, sedative side. This makes the strain best suited for relaxing evenings at home while avoiding unrestrained couch-lock.
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Lineage: Kish x God Bud

Although there are many strains in Canada that can be considered homegrown, Nuken is one of the few hybrids whose parentage is firmly rooted in Canadian flower on both sides. Kish is an inbred cross of a strain featured in Part 9 of this macro series, Shiskaberry. God Bud, out of British Columbia, was also highlighted in Part 19.

Another somewhat unique characteristic of Nuken is its flavour profile. While the grassy notes in this flower are not uncommon, the sweet taste of marshmallow that permeates the bud and sparks memories of campfires and s’mores certainly is rare.

With its strong Indica dominance and a potency ranging from moderate to high, it’s a versatile flower that is effective in reducing stress, anxiety and pain for most patients. If you can’t get out to one of our nation’s breathtaking parks this summer, a taste of this smokey mallow sensation could still allow you to enjoy a prime aspect of the consummate Canadian camping tradition.
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Lineage: Rock Bud x Sensi Star

RockStar (not to be mistaken for Rockstar OG or BC RockStar) is an Indica dominant hybrid with a high potency that has been making waves since placing second in the 2012 High Times’ Cannabis Cup for Best Indica. Canada has it’s own version of this strain, crossing Bubba Kush with Lemon OG, but it’s the European variety bred by Bonguru Beans out of Amsterdam that has cannabis groupies swooning.

When thinking of famous Canadian exports, often what springs to mind are beer, beavers and BC bud. Perhaps a much more prolific commodity comes from our homegrown musicians who have found international fame thanks to a skewed population-to-rock star ratio.

For a country with less than 40 million people, Canada has squired some of the biggest talents in music history, and in deceptively vast quantities. For classic rock, consider the likes of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Rush, The Guess Who and Steppenwolf. Modern interpretations of rock music has a broader range, but artists like Arcade Fire, Barenaked Ladies, Three Days Grace and Metric stay true to our legacy of birthing remarkable musical talent.
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Lineage: Skunk #1 x Northern Lights x El Nino

Big Bang is an Indica leaning strain bred by Green House Seed Company with a remarkable lineage. Genetics from three continents combine to create a rich and unique aromatic profile of sweet apple with hints of rose, violet and cheese. Canada has a cosmic connection with the namesake of this exotic flower.

In 2018, University of British Columbia professor Gary Hinshaw and his team of researchers won the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics for their work in creating what he’s described as ‘the universe’s baby picture’ by mapping cosmic microwave radiation left over from the big bang. Hinshaw has also helped build a radio telescope near Penticton, BC, to study the elusive and enigmatic, dark energy.

Another Big Bang connection lies in Canada’s own Stanford, Cambridge and Princeton equivalent in the field, with the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics. The CITA is a research center with members in distinguished positions across the globe. Their focus of study is on the creation and evolution of the universe.
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Lineage: Afghani x Hawaiian x Nepali

The unusually sweet taste with hints of berry and flowers combine with a sugar-coating of trichomes to make Sweet Tooth a perfectly titled strain. This tasty bud has achieved legendary status for its flavour since winning first place at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2001. It became such a sensation that Canada sought to create its own carefully crafted variety.

Bred by BC Bud Depot, the BC Sweet Tooth strain is an Indica dominant hybrid cross, accomplished by inbreeding original BC Sweet Tooth genetics with its better known parent, classic Sweet Tooth. The taste can vary slightly between the two strains but the iconic sweetness is ever present.

Sedative effects can come on strong after providing an uplifting sensation, making this flower great for evenings and before bed. It’s Indica qualities can also make it an effective treatment for stress, depression and pain. Hardcore munchies could certainly be in the forecast as well.
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Lineage: Mendocino Purps x Skunk #1

This is just one example of many Grape Ape variations. The number of crosses and phenotypes of this prolific flower is a testament to its remarkable colour, taste and aroma. As the name suggests, Grape Ape boasts a robust grape essence with pungent berry notes. Suggestions of lavender, rose, violet and merlot have also been reported in some varieties.

Grape Ape has spawned such a large family of tasty, lilac-hued buds, that Canada has stepped up with their own assortment of flowers with strong genetic ties. Particularly popular along the West Coast, one strain combines sugary BC Sweet Tooth and Grape Ape’s forebear, Mendocino Purps. The resulting patchwork of pleasantry is known as Purple Candy.

With a taste not unlike grape juice, Purple Candy is a carefully crafted strain Canada is proud to call their own. Bred by BC Bud Depot, the sweet scent can be found wafting on the summer breeze from Vancouver to Halifax.
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XXX 420

aka: 420 Kush
Lineage: Sweet Tooth x Chemo

XXX 420 is a pure Indica strain out of Ontario, Canada, that delivers potent narcotic-like effects with a heady, euphoric high. With an average 15-20% THC content, this flower can be a consistent and effective medication to help relieve ailments such as stress, pain and insomnia.

There is not much information on this provocatively titled strain. However, genetic origins in noted Indicas, Sweet Tooth and Chemo, suggest that couch-lock may be unavoidable. Just beyond the languid effects, somehow the mind remains mildly stimulated.

Sweet citrus and tropical aromas envelop XXX 420. Its glistening trichomes combine with a bold fruit flavour that will keep you enthralled and begging for more.
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aka: Skywalker OG Kush
Lineage: OG Kush x Skywalker (Blueberry & Mazar)

The namesake of Skywalker OG could be due to its potent Indica dominance creating a sensation of floating among the clouds. Padawans may want to exercise caution with this flower, as THC content typically pushes over 20% and may cause intense lethargy.

The Canadian connection to Skywalker OG lies in its cinematic association and a filmmaker from Montreal, named Arthur Lipsett whose films inspired Lucas at a young age. Fans may recall a reference to ‘2187’ in, The Force Awakens, as part of Finn’s serial number.

21-87 is a nod to one of Lipsett’s films produced by The National Film Board of Canada in 1968, which includes a line of dialogue about “some kind of Force” that puts people “in communication with other living things,” and exists “behind this apparent mask which we see in front of us.”

When Master Yoda describes the Force in Empire Strikes Back, he says, “Life creates it, makes it grow. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”. Not convinced of the connection? Take a look at Leia’s cell number on the Death Star in Episode IV.
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aka: Blueberry
Lineage: Afghani x Thai x Purple Thai

We started this image series with a prime example of a homegrown flower. Born out of the West Coast of Canada, UBC Chemo was created with the noble purpose of making an effective and safe medication available to cancer patients to relieve symptoms of chemo therapy.

We are closing with DJ Short Blueberry as an exemplary international offering in this series. The breeder, DJ Short, is shrouded by myth and legend. But there is no doubt that his travels to cannabis cultures throughout Southeast Asia and central America in the 1970s has led to an explosion of flavourful flowers.

DJ Short is commonly known as a West Coast native, not restricted to borders. Because of this, we consider him an honorary Canadian. His impact on cannabis varieties domestic and worldwide are immeasurable as new strains rooted in his carefully crafted ‘blue’ genetics pop up daily.

Thank you all for exploring Canada’s ties with some of your favorite strains with us. We very much enjoy sharing intimate perspectives on this provocative flower and we look forward to delivering more juicy shots to the masses!


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